The Centre for Global Education believes in and works toward a just and equitable world. We deliver education services that tackle the causes of inequality and injustice both locally and globally through action on the part of our learners. For the past 25 years, the Centre has been delivering training and producing quality resources for educators in formal and informal education. We also house the most complete collection of materials on global issues available in Northern Ireland. The Centre not only changes how you view the world but enables you to take actions that will tackle global issues at a local level.

We regularly organise conferences, workshops and training on global issues. We also publish Ireland’s only journal on global education together with a range of books and articles on development issues. If you want to be part of the Centre’s work and access our services while also contributing to our activities then please take up membership of our organisation. CGE is the only global education centre in Northern Ireland and you can benefit from our services by joining us today. Just complete the form below and we will be in touch.

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£10 Individual Unwaged
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£50 Non-Profit Organisation
£100 Profit-Making Organisation

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