The Activist’s Handbook: A Guide to Activism on Global Issues


ISSN: 1748-136X
ISSN:: 1748-136X
Edited by:: Aisling Boyle and Stephen McCloskey
Published in:: 2011
Published by:: Centre for Global Education
Pages:: 160
Format:: Paperback

This publication is offered as a practical tool to individuals and organisations interested in taking the step from concern about global injustices and curiosity about the wider world to active participation in campaigns and social movements that are trying to change the world for the better. This book provides practical guidance on how to get involved in campaigns, education work and social activism on development issues at home and overseas.

It contains interviews with three experienced activists who have on global issues in Ireland.
It also provides examples of organisations and communities that have campaigned on issues from fair trade to tax justice and environmental sustainability.
The book concludes with a comprehensive listing of local campaigning, development and activist groups with a global focus.
The Centre for Global Education aims that this publication will help learners and concerned citizens to move from education to activism.